Gauge Pro

How to Use

After Adding the Gauge Pro App:

  1. Select the values you want to visualize with gauges.
  2. Click “Insert Gauges” to create your gauges.

To Modify your new Gauge:

  1. Click the Settings Icon on the top left.
  2. Modify the options in the settings pane.
  3. Click the “back” button. Don’t worry, your settings are saved automatically.

5 thoughts on “Gauge Pro

  1. question:
    normal layout of the gauge = red -> yellow -> green
    but can I invert that:
    start at the left with green -> yellow -> red

    • Hi Rob,

      Absolutely – All you need to do is change the min and max values of the red, green, and yellow ranges (they don’t have to follow any order – in fact, you can even have red, green, yellow or yellow, red, green)

  2. Good day,

    all my meters seem to be stuck.
    No updating, no changing. uploading sometimes doesn’t happen.
    can’t make a new one.
    can I sen you a file to show you and then to help me?
    thanks , Rob

  3. good morning,

    I have e-mailed you my excel file with the stuck meters.
    Email address of Harrison Gordon =
    I also sent a reminder last week, but something seems to be wrong, becaue I don’t get an answer.
    I want to move on with the project, can you help me?
    thanks, Rob

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